We must field the best players available – Dal Zotto


Brazil coach Renan Dal Zotto directs his players on Tuesday

Nagoya, Japan, September 12, 2017 – Brazil coach Renan Dal Zotto said that the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Grand Champions Cup is a very important competition for Brazil and in order to perform well in international competitions, they should field the best players available.

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Brazil coach Renan Dal Zotto:
I’m very happy to win the first game of the competition but in terms of our performance I can’t be satisfied. I think we could have done better. Some aspects of our play were good, such as our passing system, but there were other aspects that could be improved. However, these aren’t major factors, they are just things that happen during the match. So we can fix these things. We won our first match but I think from the next match, we can play even better.

For Brazil, volleyball is an important sport so in any international competition we must field the best players available. In this team, we have seven members from the winning Olympic team, which is 50 per cent. Now, it’s a new cycle so we must gradually introduce new players. Brazil supporters expect us to perform well, produce results and make it on the podium.

Brazil captain Bruno Rezende:
Before the game, we thought it wouldn’t be easy, so we were a bit nervous. But we resolved to be positive and that showed in our play. France are very strong, both physically and mentally, and that makes them tough to play. So, we want to get better in this competition and focus next on tomorrow’s game with Italy.

Brazil player Ricardo Lucarelli: Even without their top players, France are tough to play, so we knew it would be difficult. Bearing that in mind, we are happy to win, but we still have room for improvement.

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France coach Laurent Tillie: We lost 3-0 and that was disappointing but there were some positives. Bearing in mind that we carried injuries when we arrived in Japan, our blocking and defence was good, so we hope to carry these good aspects forward with us in the coming matches.

France captain Benjamin Toniutti: Congratulations to Brazil for the win. It’s disappointing to lose. I think we are still in a state of shock after disappointing results in the European Championship, and I think we are lacking in conviction at the moment and that leads to mistakes. However, there were positives in our play. We did well in the first and second set and hope to capitalise on this in the coming matches.


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